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Are exchanges faking it?

Of course they are, in a number of ways. But this seems to be a completely new kind of funk.

Earn millions of dollars by solving a Binance hack

A brand new way of earning a fortune with cryptocurrency through a Binance hack.

This is a great time to buy Bitcoin

...but you didn't hear this from us, because CryptoNewsBulls don't do investment advice.

Mt. Gox Trustee Sell Off. Here’s A Real Time Tracking Tool

So it was Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi all along. The guy who is responsible for handling the remaining funds of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox. With 'handling' being too nice to describe the trustee's m.o.When Mt. Gox went broke it was already a cryptocurrency sh*tstorm in...

Meet Lambo Dream$ – The Onion Of Crypto

It's a bumpy cryptocurrency ride again, with the Bitcoin price dropping below $9K to hit a one month low. And any other cryptocurrency and its mother is still in deep red as well. No need to rub it in, but check this Red Wedding. Nothing we...

Hot Off The Press! Stellar (XLM) Announces Partnership With Keybase

Hot off the blockchain press! Essential news about Top 10 cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM). In a press release Stellar announced a partnership with the cryptography masters of Keybase. Founded by the people of dating app OkCupid, Keybase is a new and free security app for...

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT) Enters Cryptocurrency Top 100

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT for friends) has entered the Crypto Top 100 by market cap today. Let's open some beers and bring out the go-go dancers. Cos it's always a moment of joy to welcome a new kid around the block. Especially when...

Binance: all funds are safe. Don’t wet your pants (yet)

This article will be updated.Founder of cryptocurrency exchange Binance @cz_binance has released an official statement tonight. The communiqué appeared on microblog internet news platform Twitters. The statement is a response to allegations of a hack and crazy-total-panicking amongst Binance users tonight. Binance-founder CZ, while cryptocurrency markets are plummeting like...

Loophole for ICO’s in the USA? Wyoming kicks Federal State in the n*ts

This is CryptoNewsBulls, reporting live from Wyoming, USA. Hands down the most bullish state (source) in the crypto universe. Where people carry altcoins in their pockets and bitcoins in their hearts. A state as square as a block on the chain.And we're joining you...

Stay away from the Monero fork

Usually, we don't give investment advice. But when we do, we prefer that you'll listen.

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