McAfee endorsement will run you $105K

John McAfee has finally revealed how much he charges to endorse your product.

Why You Need a Multilingual ICO Whitepaper

If you’re in the prep stages of launching an initial coin offering, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Qtum shoots up

Qtum shoots up today. Why, and what is Quantum?

Crypto Massacre. Bittrex Removes Over 80 Tokens From Exchange

This is a service announcement for all clients of popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. Are you in the possession of one or more of the sh*tcoins specified below? Or do you hold any of these coins in general? You are doomed. Thank you for your attention.

Bitcoin Battered. A Tough Week for Cryptocurrencies

The year 2017 was the best year for cryptocurrencies. Mass adoption and acceptance by many global institutions spurred unprecedented growth of most cryptocurrencies and pushed their prices to astronomical heights. The market capitalization shot through the roof especially towards the end of the year....

Ethereum Down The Toilet. Bull Run Might Start On May The 14th

Aaaaaand another depressing day for cryptocurrency markets. Virtually all Top 100 coins continue to slump, in what appears to be another deep red bloodbath (at the time of writing). Icebergs are melting and Bloomberg even started to groom investors for a 76% tumble over...

Must Watch: John Oliver on Blockchain and Crypto

John Oliver: 'Cryptocurrencies: everything you don't understand about money combined with everything you don't understand about computers.'

Earn millions of dollars by solving a Binance hack

A brand new way of earning a fortune with cryptocurrency through a Binance hack.

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT) Enters Cryptocurrency Top 100

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT for friends) has entered the Crypto Top 100 by market cap today. Let's open some beers and bring out the go-go dancers. Cos it's always a moment of joy to welcome a new kid around the block. Especially when...

Binance: all funds are safe. Don’t wet your pants (yet)

This article will be updated.Founder of cryptocurrency exchange Binance @cz_binance has released an official statement tonight. The communiqué appeared on microblog internet news platform Twitters. The statement is a response to allegations of a hack and crazy-total-panicking amongst Binance users tonight. Binance-founder CZ, while cryptocurrency markets are plummeting like...

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