McAfee endorsement will run you $105K

John McAfee has finally revealed how much he charges to endorse your product.

Top 4 April Fool’s cryptocurrency jokes

It's April Fool's Day 2018 and we had some pretty good cryptocurrency-related nonsense today.

Verge fundraiser: begging for money

Verge: The most hated top 100 coin out of all top 100 coins that say they get hated on. And yet, the Verge fundraiser is already raking in millions.

Ripple app? Collaboration with Santander live soon

This should be one of the largest uses of Blockchain in history.

Qtum shoots up

Qtum shoots up today. Why, and what is Quantum?

NEM stolen on Coincheck laundered

A good chunk of the NEM that was stolen in the Coincheck hack was succesfully laundered by the perpetrators.

Is EOS dumping ETH?

EOS, the project that got properly ethered by John Oliver this week, seems to be unloading tons of ether.

Ethereum Down The Toilet. Bull Run Might Start On May The 14th

Aaaaaand another depressing day for cryptocurrency markets. Virtually all Top 100 coins continue to slump, in what appears to be another deep red bloodbath (at the time of writing). Icebergs are melting and Bloomberg even started to groom investors for a 76% tumble over...

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