NEM stolen on Coincheck laundered

A good chunk of the NEM that was stolen in the Coincheck hack was succesfully laundered by the perpetrators.

Crypto Massacre. Bittrex Removes Over 80 Tokens From Exchange

This is a service announcement for all clients of popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. Are you in the possession of one or more of the sh*tcoins specified below? Or do you hold any of these coins in general? You are doomed. Thank you for your attention.

Are exchanges faking it?

Of course they are, in a number of ways. But this seems to be a completely new kind of funk.

Earn millions of dollars by solving a Binance hack

A brand new way of earning a fortune with cryptocurrency through a Binance hack.

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT) Enters Cryptocurrency Top 100

Coin Alert! Genesis Vision (GVT for friends) has entered the Crypto Top 100 by market cap today. Let's open some beers and bring out the go-go dancers. Cos it's always a moment of joy to welcome a new kid around the block. Especially when...

Yuuuge amounts of TRON (TRX) enter the market. Who is selling off?

TRON (TRX) is probably one of the least populair Top 20 cryptocurrencies around, mainly due to their shifty PR. But the announcement-of-an-announcement machine has started to pick up steam again.

The Poloniex Exchange just got bought by Circle

Mobile payments app Circle plunked down a lot of cash for the (in)famous cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.According to our friends at Fortune, Circle is paying $400 million for their acquisition.Interestingly enough, Circle is heavily funded by Goldman Sachs. You know, of Jamie Dimon 'Bitcoin is...

Cryptobank launches Islamic currency Hada Coin

A gift from heaven to crypto investors who worship Allah instead of Satoshi. Hada Coin, the first islamic cryptocurrency in the world, officially announced its listing on the F1Cryptos exchange. Currently their pre-ICO is in full swing and you can still invest make a...

Top 5 cryptovideos of the week

There's lots of content on YouTube for the crypto-enthusiast, ranging from laugh out loud-funny memes to detailed market analysis that take hours to get through. So, what is the best of the best? With the weekend just around the corner (we're positive thinkers), here's...

HodlHodl: P2P Decentralized Exchange

 Just as Eosfinex anounced their decentralized exchange, another is already leaving the beta-phase behind.¬† bills itself as a 'decentralized P2P exchange.' So, what is it, how does it work, and what are the benefits? Let's explore.¬†The Need for Decentralized ExchangesOne of the main benefit...

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