How To Spend Your Bitcoins? Let’s Splurge!

As far as true adoption goes, this famous cryptocurrency is far away from being considered “widely adopted” in the retail space. However, the adoption rate is rising exponentially year by year.

Bitcoin Battered. A Tough Week for Cryptocurrencies

The year 2017 was the best year for cryptocurrencies. Mass adoption and acceptance by many global institutions spurred unprecedented growth of most cryptocurrencies and pushed their prices to astronomical heights. The market capitalization shot through the roof especially towards the end of the year....

Ethereum Down The Toilet. Bull Run Might Start On May The 14th

Aaaaaand another depressing day for cryptocurrency markets. Virtually all Top 100 coins continue to slump, in what appears to be another deep red bloodbath (at the time of writing). Icebergs are melting and Bloomberg even started to groom investors for a 76% tumble over...

Must Watch: John Oliver on Blockchain and Crypto

John Oliver: 'Cryptocurrencies: everything you don't understand about money combined with everything you don't understand about computers.'

This is a great time to buy Bitcoin

...but you didn't hear this from us, because CryptoNewsBulls don't do investment advice.

Mt. Gox Trustee Sell Off. Here’s A Real Time Tracking Tool

So it was Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi all along. The guy who is responsible for handling the remaining funds of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox. With 'handling' being too nice to describe the trustee's m.o.When Mt. Gox went broke it was already a cryptocurrency sh*tstorm in...

NavCoin (NAV) launches wallet demo. A coin to keep an eye on?

Today NavCoin proudly released a demo of their light wallet NavPay.

Top 5 Awesome Things crypto enthusiasts made (with their bare hands)

Where would the crypto galaxy be without the tireless support of its community? Behind every coin, both Bitcoin and altcoin, there's a crowd of dedicated supporters. Like there is a strong woman (m/f) behind every successful man (unless they are single of course, then...

Dutch bank Rabobank ‘announces’ crypto wallet. From Tulip Mania to Crypto Mania?

Aaaaand another bank bites the dust. This time it's Dutch multinational bank Rabobank that jumps on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. The Utrecht headquartered Rabobank announced an integrated cryptocurrency wallet called Rabobit. According to the brand spanking new website it will become a wallet that's "hosted by...

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