McAfee endorsement will run you $105K

McAfee endorsement

So John McAfee has finally revealed how much he charges for the coveted McAfee endorsement.

We already knew the Kardashians and the like raked in tens to hundred thousands of dollars for sponsored tweets and Instagram posts. Now it is revealed how much a McAfee endorsement will cost your fledgling ICO or cryptocurrency on the come up.

On his website The McAfee effect, anti-virus guru turned cryptocurrency-advisor John Mc Afee revealed he charges $105,000 for a crypto promotion.

We’ve all seen the effect his tweets have on prices. Minutes after he tweeted that ‘the majority of his holdings are in SAFEX’, the coin rose 92%. Similar price action followed tweets about Burstcoin, Digibyte, Electroneum and Verge.

The McAfee tweets have the added ‘benefit’ of functioning more or less like a pump signal. Once you’ve seen three cryptos skyrocket after a McAfee tweet, you’d be ‘stupid’ not to buy as much as you can as soon as that fourth tweet pumps up. This dynamic has produced some truly crazy results. In the case of Burst Coin, for example, the jump was about 350%.

Last month McAfee conducted a survey of sorts, instructing his 800,000 Twitter followers to answer a series of question. This data is now being used to promote new services from the McAfee team, which claims that ‘John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency.’

These shameless but admittedly jealousy-inducing promotion tactics are laid out on his site, which further claims a team of professional writers are hired to write the promotion material. It also says over 90% of the companies who want their coins/ICOs promoted by McAfee are turned down:

‘The reason is that only products and services that Mr. McAfee truly believes in will be promoted. These are products or services that Mr. McAfee has personally purchased or used and is pleased enough with to engage in promotions.’

To be fair, McAfee has never been exactly shy about his motives:

mcafee endorsement

Read all about your options for a McAfee endorsement on the official site.


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