Top 4 April Fool’s cryptocurrency jokes

April Fool's cryptocurrency

It’s April Fool’s Day 2018 and we had some pretty good cryptocurrency-related April Fool’s nonsense today.

April Fool’s cryptocurrency jokes are very much a 2018 thing. Considering there isn’t much to laugh at for HODLers right now, here are some of the more entertaining jokes.

Lambo on Coinmarketcap

Coinmarket Cap

How many lambo’s is your cryptocurrency of choice worth? Find out at Coinmarketcap today. Volume, price and marketcap are all measured in Lambo now. What makes this funny is that crypto-bought Lambo’s are being reposessed as we speak.

Oyo smartcoin

The Oyo smartcoin, invented by Oyo Rooms, one of the biggest hotel chains in India, was poised to ‘transform the travel and hospitality industry and mark the beginning of the blockchain revolution in India’. However, it was an april fools joke, and a pretty succesful one at that.

It came equipped with a real three-page whitepaper, which boasted such language as “This whitepaper is for information purposes only and is not a statement of future intent. Unless expressly specified otherwise, the products and innovations set out in this whitepaper are currently under development and are not currently in deployment.” Which is basically a way to say: give us your money, and we might release a product, but then again maybe we won’t.

Considering the fact that joke-coins can become worth billions, maybe Oyo should have just released the coin anyway.

Pei Coin

Another presumably fake crypto, this time launched by Chinese mobile phone manufacturer One Plus. Check the video:

…It might be real, seeing as the company previously released a drone on april 1st. The drone really existed and was also available for purchase.

Stop GPU abuse

With your donation, Corsair, a PC component manufacturer, will buy back ‘abused’ graphics cards from cryptocurrency miners, and send them oto gamers. This way, donors will ‘provide high frame rates, low temperatures, and most importantly a home.’


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