Why You Need a Multilingual ICO Whitepaper

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If you’re in the prep stages of launching an initial coin offering, you’ve got a lot on your plate. One of these action items is ensuring that word of your ICO and all of the relevant information is spread far and wide. You’re already most certainly working on an ICO whitepaper. You’ve surely started on the next logical step of getting it translated.

Haven’t you?

How else are you going to get word of your ICO out to the right audience members, and let them know how you are different and better than every other ICO launching at the same time? If you don’t create a compelling and informative white paper and have it translated, your ICO is likely to stall.

What Makes a Good ICO Whitepaper?

 The first think you need is a bit of a biography. Your readers will want to know what industry you’re in. They’ll want to know your company’s history as well. Keep in mind that a lot of potential investors are going to be new at cryptocurrency in general. Bring them up to speed on blockchain and how cryptocurrency works. Be sure to write in layperson’s terms. Finally, you want to explain how you are different, and what it is that you bring to the table that is so needed at this point in time.

You should also introduce yourself and your team. Detail your experience, work history, and qualifications. The more tech minded will want stack information. What’s your platform? What technologies do you have in place? Be prepared to show your work with pictures and diagrams. Basically, this is the part of your whitepaper that will combine the human side (showing that you have experience, passion, commitment, and a plan) with technology (showing that you have the software and hardware in place to make it happen).

A Good ICO whitepaper is going to need some disclaimers. Don’t worry. You won’t scare serious investors away. It’s just that investment comes with risks, and you have to say that. Get a lawyer to help you craft this section. Believe it or not, this will actually increase your credibility.

Finally, like with every other investment pitch, people want to know how much you need, what you plan on doing with those funds, and what they stand to earn if everything goes well. Let potential investors know what you are working towards as well as what you have already accomplished.

White Paper Perfected: Next Steps

 The steps above may have been a bit of a review, but the truth is translating your ICO whitepaper is an investment. You don’t want to spend time circling back once this step is complete. Assuming that this is done, translation is now on the table.

The truth is, the highest number of key investors in cryptocurrencies may not be in your area. In fact, Japan, Russia, and Korea are the three countries with the largest saturation of cryptocurrency investors. If you want to reach these communities, you have to do so in their language, literally. In Korea, the popularity of cryptocurrency is due to several factors. First, technologies such as mobile payments are very popular there. In addition to this, the South Korean government itself is highly supportive of crypto. This doesn’t mean you should ignore Europe though. Germany’s government has begun passing laws in preparation of the growth of bitcoin and other currencies. Keep in mind that any professional translation agency worth considering has done ICO translations. Their experts should have insights into the target languages you should be considering once they know the details of your offering.

Now this doesn’t mean you should ignore other languages. Every cryptocurrency is unique. Yours could be particularly appealing to potential investors in other countries. Still, starting with Japanese, Russia, and Korean is rarely a bad place to start. Other Eastern European countries tend to be good regions to target as well. Researching other cryptocurrencies and reading their whitepapers and learning the translation options they chose can be very helpful.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Agency

 Even if you have connections with native speakers, your best bet is to nearly always hire a professional agency. They will match you with a translator who not only has proven fluency, but has specific experience working in ICO. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is new and there is a whole new vocabulary to go along with it. The pros have learned to navigate this already.

Isn’t There a Good Chance That Potential Investors Can Read English?

 First, don’t assume so. This is a mistake that entrepreneurs from English speaking countries often make. Second, even if this is true, you cannot ignore the good will generated by translating content into folks’ native tongues. Take a page from people in ecommerce. They know that people are more willing to buy when they can get information in their own language. Translating show respect and it builds trust.

Professionals Won’t Just Translate Your Whitepaper They Will Adapt It

Going back to the three countries that invest the most in Crypto (Russia, Japan, and Korea) one thing should stand out. Culturally, each of these three nations are very different. Then, when you dig further into the regions of each country, there are even more nuanced cultural differences. This means it’s not simply a matter of translating your ICO whitepaper. You need a professional who can also adapt and localize your white paper content so that it is understandable and relevant to people in different cultures. Again, you need a professional for this.

Conclusion: Don’t Forget About Your Other Crypto Content

If your white paper piques the interest of potential investors, they are going to want to learn more. They’ll want to see your website, marketing materials, and other supporting documents. You will want to provide them with quality translations that they can access quickly and understand easily. With well translated documents, you will come off as polished and prepared. That along with a compelling offering is what will get investors interested in opening up their wallets.

A guest post by Margaret Reid

Margaret Reid is a freelance writer who is seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Currently she`s working in the company The Word Point. Margaret is an experienced and self-driven specialist who cannot imagine her life without writing.

Disclaimer: This not investment advice etc.


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