IOTA-Founder: ‘I Hacked Call of Duty. And Sold Insolvent Company To Iranian.’

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IOTA to the moon! Or Iran.

IOTA & media. It has always been a bit of a troubled relationship. Between the Berlin-based Internet of Things cryptocurrency and those warmongers from the press. Who enjoy dipping their pens in vitriol as much as president Trump enjoys dipping his **** in Stormy Daniels. Anyhow. For some reason the press corps never really hit it off with the coin that could kill Bitcoin.

It’s one of those relationships where the cliche goes: they cannot live with each other. But they also cannot live without each other. Which showed, when even a cryptocurrency related disagreement quicky escalated into a blood FUD.

Classic. Who doesn’t remember the blacklisting of technology platform The Next Web?

Storm und Drang und IOTA

So it’s worth mentioning when an IOTA-media stint doesn’t end in tears. Like last night, when IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener joined leading talkshow Markus Lanz. Or at least we assume the German talkshow is leading. As the German anchor acted very ehm, leading.

And IOTA-bosch Dominik managed to do a great job. In the category of: stories happen to those who are able to tell them. Politely allowing the anchor to frame him into the angry young man cliche (German: Storm und Drang (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʊɐ̯m ʊnt ˈdʁaŋ])). And not tired to answer a bunch of ELI5 questions with the patience of someone who’s waiting for a bitcoin transaction to be completed.


Dominik Schiener And The Tax Dodging Iranian

If we can provide you with a transcription of what exactly was said, in that beautiful language? Sorry, we can’t. Our German is a tad bit rusty too. Fortunately there’s always some ppl in the ecosystem with a brain for languages. So here’s the summary.

Dominik starts out with an anecdote of how he hacked Call of Duty and made a small fortune with that. Jokingly he adds: “I hope it was not illegal.” Schiener later happily admits that he was always searching for the business opportunity that would bring him moneys (and IOTA did). And adds a cowboy story of how he managed to sell his insolvent company in Switzerland to a tax-dodging Iranian businessman.

Which would make for a great crypto thriller. Also, maybe it is not what we are used to hear from a founder of a billion dollar company. But rather this honesty than the spin doctored and calculated silence of that other leading tech entrepreneur.


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