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You know this feeling right. When you find yourself ploughing through the whitepaper of just another cutting edge ICO. And you start to wonder. Am I getting pranked? Or is it just me being not the brightest bulb on the tanning bed? Staring at a flashy pdf-file that contains a pile of crypto buzzwords wrapped in empty cryptocurrency promises. And if you’re lucky a touch of mathematical gibberish to tie the whitepaper together. Because that’s what a lot of/most whitepapers look like. And it makes ‘doing your own due diligence’ one of the least enjoyable tasks of being a crypto investor.

Whitepapers that send insomniacs to sleep

True. A poorly written and buzzword loaded whitepaper doesn’t necessarily make the ICO a scam. Or the underlying coin a sh*tcoin. It’s just that.. let’s put it mildly, most whitepapers aren’t exactly page-turners. And will even send insomniacs to sleep. With as a result that many cryptocurrency investors give up on reading them. Or rely on one of the (many) sponsored ICO platforms. That are as reliable as, ehm, sponsored ICO platforms.

What makes it even more fishy or at least questionable is that we know from Bitcoin’s Old Testament that it’s not necessary to make a whitepaper read like brain farts. That didn’t make it into the latest novel of a word-blind hobbyist.

The winner in the category “It’s Funny Because It’s True”

So HERE it is. The winner and sole nominee in the category “It’s Funny Beause It’s True”: The Blockchain Whitepaper Generator. A nice addition to the world famous Postmodernism Generator. It’s so accurate that it hurts a little. And even makes us suspect some whitepaper-artists actually used this tool themselves.

“Want to impress your friends? Having trouble generating a whitepaper for your next scam project? Seize your blockchain oracle status with this whitepaper generator.”

Get started and fabricate your own whitepaper. Just like the pro’s. Here’s our beauty, scoring a 10 out of 10 on bullshit bingo.

ICO generator, cryptocurrency, crypto, bitcoin

Disclaimer from our lawyer: This is definitely not investment advice 


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