$hitcoin of the week: Bunnycoin

Bunnycoin Currency

This is the logo for Bunnycoin. They say a picture says more than a 1000 words.

We now realize this is the truth. Because we hardly have anything to add.

Bunnycoin might as well have been named after the insane bunnyhops of its price and marketcap. Such volatility, compared to a steady grower like PACcoin.

In reality, the name is meant to reflect Bunnycoin’s core values. Like, spreading love. All around the world. Through crypto.

one of the biggest differentiating factors between Bunnycoin and its predecessor Bitcoin is the fact that 10% of the newly mined Bunnycoins go directly to user voted upon charities.

It’s hard to tell wether BUN, the ‘follow-up’ to Bitcoin, is a straight up scam or a just a huge failure set up by a well-intentioned but incompetent dev-team. It’s one ore the other, though – no two ways about it.

A crypto for charity?

The idea (or the sales pitch, who knows) is that 10% of all BUN mined will be redistributed to charitable organizations, which are voted upon by the community. One such charity is the Marsh Children’s Home in Acapulco, Mexico. According to the first (and last) ‘Bunnycast‘, dated june of last year: ‘The Bunnycoin Community will be sponsoring 10 Children from the Marsh Children’s Home for at least the duration of 1 year.’ However, it is not immediately clear what this means. For example, it’s not clear if they actually received 10% of BUN mined. Or maybe some other amount. And if so, what they did with it. Or how it, you know, helps the children.

What’s for certain, though, is that 200,000,000 Bunnycoin were raised in order to aid development. Not the development of a developing country, but the development of Bunnycoin. Because how could a cryptocurrency be used to help those in need, if it’s not even working?

Apparently, the development funds were send out to a developer. But then, his wallet stopped syncing. So now the wallet has to complete syncing in order for the funds to arrive, in order for Bunnycoin to get developed further, in order for the charities to receive their BUN. Mind you, the history of this coin dates all the way back to 2014.

Bunnycoin/BTC markets now available!

If all of this has piqued your interest, you’ll be glad to know that BUN/BTC markets have recently opened on Cryptopia. Cryptopia is an exchange that sells coins that nobody else wants to sell. Like Bunnycoin.

If you wish to learn more about donating a percentage of your mad gains to charity and find out how all of this works, or used to work, or doesn’t work, or theoretically works, or was never supposed to work in the first place but was just supposed to lure investors, check out the video below.


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