YouTube guru Suppoman exposed as a crypto scammer? Blood feud!

Suppoman YouTube scam cryptocurrency ICO
Just shillin' with my homies

A blood feud in the crypto hemisphere, gotta love it. Especially when a YouTube guru like Suppoman is involved. The self-proclaimed “super hero of cryptocurrency” and by far loudest scammer screamer on the rotating bed in the crypto brothel (insert double entendre about pumping ‘n dumping here) has picked up a bare knuckle fight with some critical members of the crypto community. Again. This time over a course he offers, that is mandatory to receive the identity of a “secred ICO” (?). Intuitively there has always seemed something off with the limitless wisdom of this mastermind; why on earth would you share your valuable trading knowledge, if you could spend your time wisely and trade yourself straight into a hammock? To, let’s say, cosy up with John McAfee and some of his machine guns. Although McAfee would probably give Suppoman the Belizean neighbour treatment, as the guy’s level of annoyance breaks even the most bearish resistance. To put it mildly.

Suppoman Youtube Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Reddit scam
This fist, pumpin’ it all the way.

In the CryptoNewsBulls newsroom Suppoman’s erratic YouTube videos have been breaking speakers and raising eyebrows for months. And hey Suppo, don’t deny receiving payments for praising ICO’s. Or at least try to hide it, because this exposure video was way too embarrassing.

If it looks/smell/screams like a pump…

So apparently we weren’t the only ones who were watching his videos with a blend of suspicion and WTF is this real? Credit where credit is due: Suppoman might come across as the lovebaby of Prodeum and LoopX, he’s also a nifty guy who knows the loopholes and oldest tricks from the blockchain. Like calling on his followers to hold onto a sh*tcoin like ChainCoin. While the obvious recommendation would be: run for your life and take all your valuables with you, instead of an investment advice that looks/smells/screams like an attempt to pump the coin. Check the spike and check it’s current ranking: 563th, which makes it the Zimbabwean dollar of crypto. If you’re not convinced yet of Suppoman’s advice being pumping ‘n dumping in disguise: here’s a screenshot from his own facebook group where he calls to “rally the troops and start belting out” Bitquence (BQX).

We’re not gonna beat around the bush; there’s so much schadenfreude in it, when a coinartist gets exposed. Or like Suppoman would say: “WHHHHHAAAAAT’S UPPPPPPP PEOPLEEEE, THIS IS SOME AAAWWWWESSSSOME SHIIIT”.

Reddit vs. Suppoman: 1-0

Sorry, we got a bit carried away here. Back to the tale of an online course and a hidden ICO. So this oracle, who is full of shilling useful trading advice and not shy of pretending to know it all, came under scrutiny over his activities when a Reddit-member (*) looked into the courses he actually offers. Not only does Suppoman love to share his knowledge about the Dentalcoins of tomorrow on the YouTubes, he also offers the exclusive Suppoman Udemy Course. According to his landing page already 282.813 people splurged their money on the again self-proclaimed “cryptocurrency & Social Media Guru with nearly 1 million followers”. How many of his almost 300.000 students – if they exist, but who are we to doubt his claims – applied to redeem their tuition remains unknown.

According to the Reddit thread this is how his business model works: on his YouTube channel Suppoman starts hyping an unknown ICO. Not just another ICO, but one you will never be able to find by yourself and is going to make you super rich and turn you into a unicorn. “He then promised his viewers that if they buy one of his courses and then join his Facebook mastermind group they’ll be able to get the “secret ICO” first”. But that’s not where it stops, according to the Reddit source. After purchasing a single course ‘Sup releases another course you need to sign up for, before finding out about the identity of the hidden ICO. Long story short; the secret ICO turned out to be not-so-secret. It is, timpani roll.. Seele. A widely discussed ICO, which identity was already known by anyone who has the slightest interest in joining an initial coin offering. Well played, although hiding in plain sight doesn’t seem to be the winning strategy for Professor Pump. Whose side you are on is up to you. But you got to admit; this feud has more entertainment value than another truckload of candlesticks.

A kind suggestion from Suppoman’s angstgegner: “For anyone that bought his courses, open a request on Udemy for a refund, say you were defrauded.”



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